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"On time delivery" vs "Average selling price"

Hello fiverr community, I’m a level 1 seller and my “On time delivery” is dropped to 67% and I don’t think that I can finish 10 order till next evaluation date to protect myself from demotion.
So is it better to get big orders in chunks/small orders to improve the “on time delivery” or I should focus on “Average selling price”? It’s $30.25 now.

“on time delivery” or “Average selling price” what should I prefer?


Average selling price

So I’ll be demoted from level 1,

My gigs are not ranked except 1 so what will happen if I demoted from level 1?

I would recommend to be a professional and focus on sales , these statics will be improved with the passage of time. Place slow and long term. No need to hurry

Average selling price doesn’t matter! That’s just a statistic for you to see how much your orders are generally for. Having a low average selling price won’t affect whether you move up to Level 1 or 2.

However, on time delivery does matter! In order to move up to the next level, you must have an on time delivery of at least 90%.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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This is a no brainer. In order to get your on time delivery back up, you need to get orders and deliver them by the time/date they are due. The other stuff does not impact whether or not you lose your level.

Why are you late delivering orders? If you find yourself running late a lot, it would be a good idea to change the delivery time on your Gigs. If you find you are going to be late, you should also use the Resolution Center to extend the delivery time so you can avoid getting penalized for being late.