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On-time delivery

hi there. I havent received any orders in almost two months and my on-time delivery percentage is getting lower. It doesn’t make sence. It looks bad to buyers of course, and it is not even my fault. What should I do?


Did you deliver any of your orders late in the last 2 months?

Your order completion rate is calculated based on your last 60 days’ stats. So as soon as 60 days have passed since your last late delivery, your on-time delivery percentage will reset to 100%.

Besides, your on-time delivery % is not visible to your buyers. Only you can see it.


Did you ever do a late order?

only once. And my percentage downgraded to 80percent. After that I hadnt had any other problems, until I noticed that the percentage was downgraded again. Out of nowhere it went to 75 percent. And today its 67 percent.

hm it happened once but the percentage already changed for that. The problem is that it is still getting lower and lower, and I hadnt had any order at all in almost 2 months.
But I guess there are not 60 days yet for the percentage to be reset.