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On time delivery

Please help me to know, I had 100% on time delivery rate, but due to one late submission it dropped to 88 % after that I have delivered 2 orders on time but it is still 89 %, after 15 May my level will drop to 0 from 1 due to this. Please suggest me solution before 15 May

Get more orders, deliver them on time. It’s the only way to fix it.


The on-time delivery is based on all orders from the last 60 days. To calculate how to get this number back up, you’ll have to divide your late orders (1) by the total number of orders. Basically, you need to deliver ten orders on time in order to get your completion rate back up to 90% if one was late. Your rating is also at 4.5, and needs to be above 4.7 in order to maintain level one. You’ve only got four days left, so I would focus on gaining level one back for June.


Thank you so much lenasemenkova

Thank you ducktheunicorn, but I delivered only 4 orders after getting level 1

Do they consider the extended time also as late

get more and more order to deliver in time ,this is only way to get ride from this problem

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No. It may show as late on the order page, but it won’t on the stats


I also experienced the same thing and Have one question if we got multiple revision from client and it passed the time line in revisions does it also considered as late.

As long as you made the original delivery on time and through the ‘deliver now’ button, then no, late will show, but not apply.