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On time work marked late after modification request

I have been taking quite a few hits lately and I am not sure why. After work is delivered on time and a request for modification is made, it will automatically be marked late. I am not sure how to change the modification time. This is a little frustrating. Any suggestions?

You need to delivery some hours before or a day so you can get the modification delivered in time. Thats was happening to me too but solved it with Quick delivery!

Thats the thing. It was delivered early. It took the buyer 2 days to request a modification.

I also had similar problem. If the buyer cooperates and requests any modifications within 2-3 hours of the delivery the problem can be avoided.

This is extremely annoying. I have a regular buyer who refuses delivery in order to ask questions such as “how do you transfer the copyright to your work?” - just one of many random things he comes back at me with. He’s a good buyer though and I have politely asked him to message me rather than ask for a modification on his work when he doesn’t need one, but I think that he has realized that this way he gets an almost instantaneous response…