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On updating gig title URL not changing

Here’s the screenshot of the problem

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You can’t - whatever the gig URL was to start with, it will stay like that forever.

As you haven’t got any reviews on that particular gig, why not just start a new gig with the appropriate URL and title?


No need to worry about it.

Got it… But that’s the development issue and that’s why I reported it.

It’s not - it’s designed like that for exactly the reason you’ve pointed out.

If you want to have a gig that matches the URL then do that from the start - it’s to stop exactly what you’re trying to do - ‘gig recycling’ - usually done on gigs with lots of reviews. I won’t go into how it works, but if your gig has no reviews, it’s a much better idea to start afresh.


Acknowledged! Thanks for suggestion.

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