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On vacation


My gig is on Vacation. when I go in to take it off Vacation it wants me to create a gig. I did this and that’s what is on vacation. Am I doing something wrong?


No, you don’t have to create a gig again. Just simply off the vacation mood and when you will come back just simply on it.


I am confused. I appreciate your response to my problem, but I went to your site. You look like a beautiful woman yet your gig shows pics of a man. Isn’t that confusing to the Buyer? Visual is a sales. You look lovely.


Maybe you are a beautiful man.


Be careful with pictures. Your gig should represent what you want not who you are. I am thinking mine should become a cartoon. My picture makes it too personal and not business. My advise to you is two fold also for my self.



What exactly you are trying to say. You are calling me women but i a man in all my gigs and where i have add a women pic in my any of gig?. Could you please explain me more so that i will do the changes asap.