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On What Resons Fivrr Blocks The Gig

Hello Guys I Hope you are enjoying a healty life and i just wanted to know why does The Fivrr removes the Gigs on what resons and donot forget check out my gigs **i ll deliver a free order to the first coustomer!

Having free service in fiverr is not allowed that’s why your gig is being rejected. If you want to offer some free service try to engage your client with some extra work/bonus.

And how you gonna provide free service? i mean order minimum price is 5$ and without that order will not start, so how it is possible? Through inbox? Then it will not count as an order at all and client can not leave a feedback at all.I mean you want to do free work for feedback, right? so what’s the point? you are just creating troubles for yourself by working for free and nothing else as long as i see.

I just want to edit picture of a client regars less they leave a review or not