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Once again a client order without submitting requirements

few months back i experienced with a client who just placed order without submitting requirements …and with the help of CS i cancelled the order after 10 days…
NOW .again someone placed an order without submitting order requirement i am waiting from the last 3 days but he is not responding even he is online …what do you think why is this happen to me …? please suggest …thank you so much .


You do have the order requirements specifically set to mandatory, right? In that case, your buyer cannot initiate the order without submitting the order requirements.


yes …i have set the order requirements to mandatory on all of my gigs …order is till not started just placed with out requirements …

Well, as long as the timer is not ticking down, there’s no need to be anxious about it :slight_smile: Just forget about it… well, at least until the buyer submits the requirements. :smiley:

You’ve done your job of reminding the buyer about it. There’s nothing more you can do about it. Some buyers are just… well… :roll_eyes:.

@abdullah_shah I don’t know. Strange.


sure :joy::wink:

@hanshuber16 and the most interesting part is that he checked all the options of fast delivery ,extra revision +source file etc even all options and made a huge order …
now what do you think :thinking::thinking::thinking:

None of those things that your buyer checked go into effect until he answers the order questions, and activates his order. He may have placed an order, but it is not active (and the timer does not begin) until he provides the order details. Until then, as @hanshuber16 said, don’t worry about it. Remind your buyer periodically, and focus on other things that you can control.