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Once again product paid for NOT delivered

I purchased a logo and business card… the designer could not come up with a logo I liked so I sent my old one and asked her to modify it…because she took so long and was very late the first time she said she would provide me with an open file so that I could change it and use it as I needed it.

the process took 2 weeks… the final logo was great… however she did NOT deliver the designed business card. or the PSD file… can anyone help??? or suggest how to proceed? the designer was “fragglesrock”

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. Click on the Modification button if you receive an empty delivery, this activates the order again (no countdown), but it’s on the sellers court again. Also, contact Customer Support to report the user, too. Delivering empty is not allowed.

Have you talked to the seller about this yet? She may have spaced and forgot to upload the files. If you have talked to her what did she say?

I sent her a message… twice … I have just heard from her and she has requested more time… I will of course give this to her. the work was wonderful… I just need to finish on my end. with the logo and business card

You need to REJECT or Request Modification on the order she sent as finished. I get a feeling that if you do not do that, her indicating she needs more time may end up being an indefinite period which will have you tearing your hair out. If you Reject the order, it forces her to DO something in order to make things right and get paid.

Also, expect her user name to be erased from your post as we are not allowed to call out sellers or buyers here.