Once awarded, the buyer request should be removed immediately from the list


What do you people say?


The buyer can already have it taken down and that’s all I want. Many buyers purchase from several different people on buyer requests. I’ve made 2 sales in the past week by bidding on requests that already had 15-20 and both people said they were trying multiple sellers.

Plus, sometimes they pick someone and order and the person cancels, so they go to see what new options they have. If the request was removed automatically after the first choice, the person would make duplicates which creates a different problem. It would be nice if buyers would remove them once they are sure they don’t need the service anymore, but those get buried anyway. That’s my opinion though and I can understand your thought on it.


Exactly ! “This buyer request has been taken” that’s all we want to know.


As long as it was the buyer’s choice and not automated, that’s fine, although I don’t know if there would be a need to code for a message when it already just disappears if the buyer removes it.