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Once I approved my logo no more communication


I went through the process of ordering a logo, communicated with the seller, agreed on a logo and then nothing! I really like my logo and she did send me JPG but not the other file sources, social media kit or 3Dimage. What are my options???


Did you check her description and other pricing details for that? May be she have gig extras for that and you haven’t purchased them.


I did and, this is what was expected once approved.

design fabulous luxury logo in just 5 hours

 4 Logos Included

 Include Source File

 Logo Transparency

 Printable Resolution File

 Include 3D Mockup

 Include Social Media Kit

 Vector File

 design 100 percent original with full ownership and copyrights

 unlimited Revisions

My order is saying completed but like I mention I only have access to the PNG files :frowning:


Can you ask for a revision?


Hit revision. I hope you are not late and order is not marked automatically yet.


I can’t we already agreed on the logo, I approved the one I wanted and it’s mark complete. I love the logo, but just would like everything I paid for.


then why did you mark it complete if you didnt get what you paid for? You should have asked first for all the files and then reviewed the order. I cant say much now.


That’s no longer an option, it’s saying completed


Did you rate the seller and all that?


This is my first time doing this, but what all can I do with a jpg format?, because that’s all I have access to.


Yes foolishly, because everything was going perfect. Like no lack in communication until I hit that approve button.


wait for her to reply. If not, contact another seller and convert this logo to whatever format you want. Many sellers do that for just $5


Too bad she is not giving all the things she offered. Wait until she replies or contact CS to see if they can contact her. I think you can even ask to change your review if you want.


Ok, I give her a little more time, thanks!


Thanks, I’ll try to be more patient just bothers me that up until I approved the logo we were in great contact now NOTHING!


I hate to say this but I don’t think there are any source files.
The three logos in that seller’s gallery? They are from 2 different designers on
You should acquaint yourself with the possibilty that yours is too.


How do you know that the gallery images are from . I mean how do you know who was the seller here. :open_mouth:



I just checked that seller’s profile/gig page and just like idostuff74 has said, all three on her profile is stolen from another artist.

She downloaded from Google and used it in her profile. Trust me when I tell you, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to custom design a logo in 5 hours.

You need to do a search to see if yours was stolen too. If she took it from another designer or if it’s being used by another company, you will probably get sued or at the very least ask you to take it down.

They have the rights to it and it’s irrelevant if you paid, as the 5r seller had no right to give away something that does not belong to her.


Pssst, the gig’s title is quite cleary written out

And those 2(!) on 48hourslogo don’t pretend to be an Indian model :slight_smile:


Sorry, I think I am late, But I don’t see anywhere.