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Once loyal costumer now an enemy :(

Hello, first of all my gig is I make logos. I have more than 200 orders in one gig at 99% positive rating.

Now comes one buyer “fragglesrock” he orders everyday for 2 months. I noticed that my work has suffered

because the buyer gives very poor design brief. He’s style is for me to make the logos then he gives it to his client

then he makes me redesign them or make new ones because his client doesn’t like them. Now for me this is a big problem. A good design brief will lead to a perfect design but he is just lazy writing this. One of his order is “Footy Tripping” The instructions is simply. "Design a logo for footy tripping"

So I asked him what the business is, He did not respond so I just made generic logos. like logos in a seal. stuff like that. 1 day later he asked for more revisions. Everyday I spend more than 5 hours in him, I don’t have time left for designing other stuff in other sites. And the worst part is I send him a message that I cant work with him, now he is thimbs downing all his orders. now I have a 77% rating. I am so mad right now.

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That sounds awful, sorry to hear that happened to you. Honestly, I would gladly take the thumbs down and know I will not have to spend time and energy on projects like that. I mean…on the long run you will be glad you put a stop to this. Keep your head up! It will aaaaaallll be fine! :slight_smile:

You did a logo titled “Anal Dating” :)) I thought I got weird requests.

I would send a message to customer support and tell them what has happened and see if they can help.

I just went and looked wow am so sorry this is happened to you. I would Contact CS ASAP.

I just looked at your profile…You HAVE to contact Customer Support! You just went to 77% because of ONE customer. I mean…come on anyone can tell what happened there is unfair to you. Best of luck to sort this out!

By the way, your logos are really cool!

Sad to know about your Hope Customer Support ! will Help you out.

its relay Bad, wish you all the best.

I thought there was a time limit for customer changing reviews (I thought it was a week). I guess that isn’t the case. Man, will Fiverr ever do anything to protect sellers from unethical buyers…ANYTHING???

Please let us know if customer service helps you out. If they do, it may restore some of my faith in fairness.

That is horrible. I certainly hope that support helps you out. This is total BS!

i don’t think This is a case of changing old reviews , many time’s customer don’t give feed back , and this client is giving all old reviews,

As a human we must support @reevesart

last night i post some thing about this kind of issue

"Review can make or Break someone’s life"

Wow! What a vindictive buyer… and this is why we sellers need more protection. This exact scenario is a problem. There needs to be a time limit on how long a buyer can post feedback… I’ve had some of my feedback go back nearly one year later. It’s maddening that this has yet to be addressed by Fiverr CS. I seriously hope you get some satisfaction from CS about the matter and that they’ll do the appropriate thing and ban his sorry BUTT from buying anything else.

Fiverr should have a better control of editing the reviews. It is unfair to us the genuine sellers that provide quality services and also making a honest living here. Without us the sellers, there will be no fiverr. It is unfair treatment toward the seller.

I sincerely do hope that Fiverr can take into a closer look on the reviewing system.

Reply to @steveeyes: no they can review at any time i had some one after 6 mo leave a review


Here’s my two cents…

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever offer unlimited revisions as you’re opening the door to a world of pain. If you were charging $50 per logo, I could understand if you provided 3-5 revisions, but you’re earning $4 per gig. Remember that, in fact, never lose sight of that fact.

Why should you never forget that fact? Because you’re selling a service, which means you’re selling your time.

Here’s a real world example for you. If I were to order a logo from you and didn’t think it was 100% of the way there when you delivered it, I would continue to ask you for revisions - as is my right according to your gig page - until you got it right. If after 5 hours of revisions I - the buyer - was not happy, I would ask you to do more, which would discourage you from working because there’s only so much you can do for $4, right?

Other buyers might simply tell you that they’re happy and move on, leaving positive or negative feedback, or you might get some that cancel as you cannot deliver what they wanted. Remember, the world is full of strange and demanding people and you’re catering to their appetite by offering them unlimited revisions.

Never open a can of worms you can’t close.

Offer “one mild revision” or offer 5 revisions as a gig extra. Always cover yourself buddy.

Oh, and contact Fiverr Support :slight_smile:

Warm regards,


I hope you contacted support!! Your logos are great and he has no right to do this. It’s not like you failed or didn’t deliver. Seriously, one single buyer cannot do this! :c

By the way, write in your gig description (yes, do this, for yourself) how many revisions per an order, or logo, you’re willing to do. E.g. you can say, you’ll do 1 free revision. Next changes would cost more. I hope it makes sense. Don’t let them do this to you, it’s just plain nonsense, and Fiverr must solve it :slight_smile:

Reply to @steveeyes:

I contacted CS they just told me to contact the buyer and resolve the issue privately

FIVERR has poor costumer support

I just checked and looks like the buyer changed his review back or CS did

I might have missed something, but your overall seller rating is 98% again. Hopefully this means you have reached a resolution. If not, contact customer support linking to this thread, and providing a full background of what’s happened. Artwork is subjective and you cannot be held responsible for a buyers failure to inform you of what he/she wants.

Good luck!