Once more,weakening the sellers,and giving our neck to buyers


Hello fiverr,

I have always felt that fiverr gave too much power to buyers,specially when it comes to giving rating,I had a customer who asked for too much and put a negative,after contacting support they agreed he didnt follow the gig rules,and removed the rating,then he kept adding it back everytime they remove it,and support while extremely nice and supportive told me there’s nothing they can do and its all his choice to keep adding it even though he has no right to and all they can do is to keep removing it!

My only choice was to give up and give him the extra design for free,or just keep fighting with my rating drop.

That’s one of many examples on how buyers are in control,But it still felt kind of balanced due to the small reason i can just keep getting it removed.

Now with the Star based rating,they have ALL the control,if these stars were simply there to indicate individual reviews but still the overall review would be controlled by either the thumbs up or down? that would have been okay.

But now every customer who wants 5-8 designs for the price of one will just give you the lowest number of stars while still being positive so it doesn’t get removed!!

I haven’t done much in fiverr,so it will be weird to say this,I’m afraid to work on fiverr! i feel very very weak and insecure,where every buyer can just dramatically control me and get much more for his money simply because i can do nothing about it.

If you like the stars so much keep them,but dont let them indicate the overall rating only that individual rating and the whole rating be judged by either being a positive or negative.

I know buyers are those who get you the revenue fiverr,but without us sellers there will be no revenue or content,please…for once be fair to us and make it balanced once again.


A frustrated customer seller…


Good point. I think everyone here will agree. You made me realize what buyers are doing is equivalent to theft. They are blackmailing sellers with the rating system and saying “give me what I want or else”. And guess who is giving the buyer the gun and bullets to use on sellers – F I V E R R.


Reply to @steveeyes: the problem is Fiverr doesn’t seem to care about our opinion you see these thousands of raging sellers,but they just don’t care for us or our opinion,what do you think we can do to get our voice heard?


Reply to @steveeyes: What if we make a partition?


You may want to browse the forum. there is already a lot going on. Here are some links to check out:






There are probably more than this, but as you can see, a lot of sellers are ticked off.


Reply to @steveeyes: Great thank you,you are awesome!

However all these people and fiverr just don’t care,disappointing :frowning: