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Once sent to the back no comming back?

I was told by another Fiverr person that once you can’t be found on Fiverr you will never come back.

Is this true?

As soon as I got to level 2 I could not be found unless you filtered by Level 2 and Budget.

Do I continue or just give up?



You have 2 orders in the queue. Why would you give up?

There are other options:

Check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How - UPYOUR

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Thanks for sharing, it was helpful

Will you believe in one person? Who is this person a very knowledge person? How much years this person have on Fiverr? I can say that there’s a lot of random people making affirmations without knowledge. Send the same question that you posted above to the Fiverr Support and they will say that if you continue giving the best quality, your gigs will grow up again.

  • The support will advice to share in social media, but all i saw in the forum is people saying that this don’t work.

  • The rotation affect all account and not a specificy gig… and what i saw is that if you face the rotation the Fiverr also disable the option to Promote. Why they disable? Who knows…

The CS advice is to continue make a good work, make the courses from Fiverr Learn Courses, make the test of skills… this will work? Who knows… looks like that oldest sellers that faced this rotation in the passed, today are going well again.


One person can influence you?


Now it’s my turn.

Maybe you should take a break from Fiverr.

You know, stay away for a month or two.

Then come back.

The break will do you good.



It was not just the one person but my family as well.

I like so many of you tailored my projects to be unique and ensure the clients are happy,

This entailed working until 4:00am at times.

Sad we can’t be all like you and have other means of supporting ourselves.

Don’t Give up… Try it until you can.