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Once the order is delivered?

Hi guys,
New to Fiverr.
I can’t find anything in the help files that explains what happens once I’ve delivered the order.
Does the buyer get a notification to pay through Fiverr, or am I supposed to raise an invoice and send it to the buyer myself?
I assume it just happens automatically but I’d prefer to know exactly what’s expected to happen next rather than assume.

Please let me know.



Hi there!

First you should offer him your offer, he then pays you and then you work on the project. No free work!

Hi … Everything is here through Fiverr… all you need is you need to clear just go to How to Help section of SELLERS… YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ALL FOR SURE…

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well thanks guys.

For anyone new reading this topic actually wanting to know the answer:

You don’t need the invoicing app advertised in the Fiverr app. You don’t need to do anything.
You deliver the goods and the customer pays Fiverr who then deposit a small percentage of the order charge to you, holding the rest back in case of any disputes, which then gets deposited in your account at a later date if there are no disputes.

Why none of the above respondents could actually say that instead of unhelpful saying “read the help files” or even provide the link to the page on the help files that explains this (since I had clearly said at the top of my post that I had read the help files and couldn’t find anything explicit that explained how the payment process worked) I don’t know. But since I have now experienced it, I have provided the answer for other first timers.

Good luck to all you other noobs out there.


I have the same question and I went to help center myself but couldn’t find an answer to this, thanks for your comment!