Once upon a time there was a Fiverr Support


There is no doubt Fiverr has changed my life in several better ways that are hard to count on fingers but it’s quiet hard to believe that “Once upon a time there was a Fiverr Support…” believe me they used to reply like a rocket that it only takes them few minutes to get back. Jay was one of my Fav. rockstar on their support team and it was hard for me to believe that they are human replies and in fact I myself put Jay into a human verification test to which he very politely confirmed :)) that was silly of me :stuck_out_tongue:

I donno if their best team of support guys have left or has changed but now it’s been months saying they are trying to improve support and soon it will be fixed. Now a days it takes ages to get a reply on several serious issues…

I have opened a support ticket 5 days ago and despite numerous attempts still waiting for any reply and not just this I got a few other tickets as well and no reply to them either.

So just wondering is it only me or there are others as well who has to wait more than 5 days for a reply?

Kindly reply in short that how many days did you have you wait for a support reply.

Fiverr has very fairly put sellers in a situation where they have to provide support to their clients which I believe if fair as well AND hopefully someone from Fiverr’s Administration take this into notice and try do something to improve their support as well as it will only make the Community even more better than it is now :slight_smile:

Love and Peace to All :smiley:



50-90 Days? OMG! :open_mouth:

Looks like I’m loosing all hopes to ever get a reply…


My last ticket took 6 days. TRS supposedly get higher priority too.


Reply to @jtengle: As a Level 2 I suppose mine is going to make a record :smiley:


Reply to @picaya: No it won’t… I still have an unresolved ticket since February 11 - what is that, 50 days? :frowning:


Reply to @pixelstudio: I have one request open in which i get last reply from fiverr support on December 30th, 2013.

So its been 90 days now. Sent several messages and created other request to answer that request. But nothing.

P.S: That Support request was for errors found on revenue page.


I suddenly don’t feel so bad about my 6 day wait. :open_mouth:


Personally, I have not had an issue with response times, never longer than an hour ?


Reply to @ozzieuk:

It’s really bad for those of us who aren’t TRS.

Response times are more like a week, and we virtually -never- get supported in a dispute, it’s a reflexive “their commentary is valuable” response even when the customer is clearly, demonstrably in the wrong.

Had to issue a refund recently to a guy who changed scope post delivery in one case, another to a person who asked for a million things to be included in her 200 word article such as explanations of acronyms and the like -along with- her point (but no, she won’t buy the expanded length extra of course) and then she is upset with the result, etc, etc, etc.

When you’re a lowly level 2, the CS experience basically boils down to “cross your fingers and hope you never get a difficult customer”. The last time I dealt with CS, he called my thumbs down feedback ‘relevant’ despite the fact that I was given the thumbs down because I didn’t give someone my $20 extra for free. Pointing out that I believe ‘relevant’ doesn’t mean what he seemed to think it meant didn’t help.


Reply to @brandontvedt: There’s a misconception that all Top Rated Sellers get better support. Maybe @ozzieuk gets top notch service, but i have to fight with them every single time.

I send a request, get a BS response, fight back, maybe get a valid answer. I try not to contact them at all unless I have no other option.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Personally I never had such an issue but for like last 6 months it is getting worst


Reply to @jtengle: I think their top management needs to take a serious look into the support where it lacks the most.

I mean we work here we appreciate but few things need to be improved.


Reply to @picaya: I guess I should cut them some slack. If the questions support has to deal with are half as stupid as some I get in my inbox then their job isn’t an easy one.


I’m not so lucky to get a reply within 1 hour. I guess they give priority to some sellers (not talking about TRS though). I mean, maybe they give priority to sheriffs like ozzieuk?

I always get a response in around 2 or 3 days. I submitted a ticket last Friday and I expect to get a response today or tomorrow. I really hope so because I have a serious issue with my funds not available to be withdrawn for 3 days now.

By the way, I’m not the only seller with this issue right now.

I really need the money ASAP. This is so frustrating. :frowning:


Reply to @jtengle: Definitely their job is not as easy as it seems but not replying to a Client is not the kind of privilege we sellers have… we always have our Response Time shown at our Gig Page :wink:

At least they should reply or hire more support staff to deal with this kind of situation… not replying is not a solution.


Reply to @brandontvedt: That’s totally wrong you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 12 hours (i’d say), I had assumed that they’d removed the levels designation, I don’t know if they’re checking against something else for that though?

@s_sayan Nope, the forum and Fiverr support are totally separate, I don’t get priority, If I do then I don’t want it.

I have had instances where support follow up tickets can take up to 5 / 6 hours but my initial response is usually pretty rapid.


Replies for me generally come within 30 minutes or so. Always by Julia or Anna.


Hi fiverrs :slight_smile:

I do feel lucky now, as I had to ask for customer support if I remember well 4 times during 1 year. The response was from 1 to 4 days. My last ticket was I think 2 months ago and I got an answer in 1 day as I remember. And I am still Level 1 so… what can I say?

But, as I have often read in this forum that support has always too much to do I do try hard to resolve my issues with my buyers and my sellers (that luckily seldom occur) in a friendly way even if we have to exchange 3 or 4 messages. Only if there is a dead end from their part and I am short of ideas, then I ask for support.

best wishes to all, hope you get all the answers you need fast :slight_smile:



Reply to @ryangillam: I have received replies from all of them… Julia, Anna, Jay, Max and few more… but now believing more that TRS gets more priority support as I think earlier Level2 and TRS were handled together with same priority but now there is a significant difference.

picaya said:
  • Reply to @ryangillam: I have received replies from all of them.. Julia, Anna, Jay, Max and few more.. but now believing more that TRS gets more priority support as I think earlier Level2 and TRS were handled together with same priority but now there is a significant difference.

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  • TRS has always been over Level 2. I noticed it as soon as I got 'promoted'. I get answers from all of them, however based on when I send my tickets it is normally one of those two. One thing that customer support does is actually skip over tickets if the issue is complex. Somebody else will then have to deal with it. (I have noticed this with some of my tickets where a new ticket is answered before a ticket sent earlier in the day)