One account,multiple users?



I have a guestion, i have a friend from different country who i want him to work with me on my fiverr profile, does fiverr allow this multiple users (2) from two different regions.

Please reply only people who really knows the answer!


Why can’t your friend set up his/her own account?


Because as many people here on fiverr some work as a customer support for users and some do a work, I’m not very good with language so i need a good CS.

And next time if you want to help i kindly ask you to answer a question not question a guestion (if that makes sense)


@jonbaas asked you a perfectly legitimate question.

If you wish to work with your friend, it’s best to ask Customer Support for permission. We’re sellers and buyers, not Fiverr staff, and the safest thing to do is to get an official answer from a Fiverr representative (and save a screenshot of that answer, so you can prove that you did what CS told you to do).


thanks for your reply!


As far as I know, Fiverr has no issues with teams that operate using one account. Of course, the person who uses their payment details, name, and email is responsible for the account no matter who else helps with the business. It’s up to the account owner to make sure that everything goes well and if it doesn’t, Fiverr won’t help with any mediation.