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One advice (or a random statement) to yourself

So I’ve been on Fiverr for 10 years now, back then Fiverr was a tiiiiiiiny little website
with only several hundred sellers…OK, that’s a lie, there were thousands and thousands of gigs already.

I have learned a lot for sure in the past 10 years, and I cannot thank my friend enough who introduced me to this platform.

I’m curious, and this is a question to the more experienced sellers I guess, if you can tell ONE thing ( or give one advice) to your newbie self, what will it be?

Pardon if I sound snobby but I won’t tell my 2010 self that I need to do research, work hard, be professional and check out other people’s gigs and make sure to create good looking sample images AND READ THE TOS etc because well…luckily I already knew that.

I’d tell my 2010 self to “be prepared for crazy people.”

I know, I know, this can happen in ANY business, I’ve met PLENTY of crazy people at my office, but I feel like I was exposed to those types of people here at Fiverr here waaaay more. Sadly, maybe it’s because I’ve come across so many frauds and dishonest people??
(I can add way more vocabs other than just “fraud” and “dishonest” but I guess I’ll keep it down)

If I was going to pick something more positive, I’d say “Go hang out in the forum, you’ll learn a lot there” since I didn’t know that the forum existed until years after I joined Fiverr.


I would’ve tell myself “Don’t look at others, build your own success.”

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Mine is more like “Look at others every now and then WHILE you build your own success” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: