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One bad buyer destroy your freelancing career

Today I have faced it, the buyer gives me 1 star + very bad feedback, but work is 100% complete with the requirement. :sob: :cry: :sob: :cry:


Your description and your service fall under gray area that attracts fishy buyers.
What your buyer wrote sounds legit and that is the biggest issue.

You are offering 100% grantee and she did not get grantee and asked for money back. You are offering money back.


Money back guarantee, unfulfilled, like @marinapomorac I agree that the review sounds legit.

If you offer something, honour it, if you don’t then what do you expect?

I actually think most sellers destroy their own careers, it’s got nothing to do with the buyer in most cases from my understanding of a multitude of threads here.


Ohoo,Im sorry to hear that…

But if u r completely confident that u did what the buyer asked you…and he left bad rating without any reason then,you should contact CS for it.
Good luck!!


How can one bad buyer destroy your freelancing career ??
there is no guarantee to get 5 star review on each and every order. 1 star means you have to work more hard to get success.


ohhh Sorry to hear!!!

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opps really sorry heard it . hope you will get amazing feedback in your second order. :neutral_face:

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Sorry to hear that!!!

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Sorry to hear but do some reading on offering great customer experience on Fiverr. Its all about the client and meeting their needs

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Filling bad for you …

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Completely wrong advice. Dont contact CS for change of review. It will get you a warning or a get your account banned. Dont take this stupid risk.

Also @logovelly, you are also a second away from getting a warning. Using someone else photo as your identity is against TOS. Users shall use their own photo, they are not allowed. So my advice, first read the TOS then give advice to others.

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That’s what happens when you have so many grantees.


Your Gig “I will do youtube promotion and marketing in USA” violates ToS.


Fake engagement and traffic

Do not post, offer or ask for:

  • Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.
  • Fake engagement on any platform.

Promise a service outcome which is not in your control

In certain instances, sellers may be tempted to promise outcomes of their service which is not in their control. For example, guaranteeing to restore your Amazon account or promising an exact amount of viewers for a Youtube video by its digital promotion. Please refrain from promising outcomes that are not in your control because it misleads buyers.

Your Gig should be removed out of the platform. As a result you will likely never get such a review again.

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ohhh Sorry to hear :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Your are absolutely right. She (We don’t even know either she is she or he) using someone else(actress) photo to attract buyers. Lol
Great Advice.

So,First off…I’ve NEVER said that he should contact CS for CHANGE of review…Mind your words.
second, buyers attract by WORK not by photo.Seems like some ppls can’t see my success…Be respectful here & don’t blame or threaten anyone plz.


Lol, instead of being thankful for guiding, this so called ''Level 2" isnt even aware of the TOS. I am waiting for that day when you will receive a warning for fake identity.

Don’t you get it? Using someone’s identity is a clearly against the TOS, unless you don’t bother to read or can’t understand, that’s a different case.
I was respectful above, i gave an advice. Not my problem if you felt that way.

Secondly, can you explain what does this mean? If he should not contact the CS for review removal/change, then what should he do by contacting? Ask the CS about their well being?

Money can be earned from good way and bad way. You are getting from good way? What i feel is that you are lying to buyers by using fake identity. And that is bad way

sorry to hare don’t worry keep patience success will come soon inshaallah.

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