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One bad review at an early stage ended my Fiverr career

It’s been around a year since I last logged into Fiverr. I was going through a rough time back then and was eager - desperate, even - to get some gigs so I could afford my university. I landed 1 or 2 gigs, however, when I received my last order, my client and myself didn’t see eye to eye, and despite my early response that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill his request and would be happy to oblige by cancelling the order since it was, frankly speaking, above my level of expertise and I wouldn’t be able to complete it, he went ahead to give me a bad review which caused my profile to come crashing down to a 1-star. (Honestly, I doubt anyone would’ve done it for $5, though I hope he found the right person afterwards. No ill intent intended. He did what he believed was the right thing to do.)

I was devastated, obviously, but I kept telling myself that maybe I deserved it and never did anything about it, yet remained hopeful that maybe someone else will place an order. But realistically speaking, no one in their right mind would place an order on a 1-star profile’s gigs. I can’t post buyer requests because I need a 90%+ rating, and I’m not getting any gigs to change that, obviously. I got a job at a startup shortly after my Fiverr blunder so my circumstances alleviated a bit, but it’s been over a month since I quit it (due to some more unforeseen circumstances) and I’d like to get back into trying to freelance.

So what I mean to ask is: is there anyway that I can make a comeback? Because I sure as hell would appreciate some good, constructive feedback if that’s possible or not.

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Hi there!

Yes you can, but I think a fresh start would be best for you.

Have a word with CS, and ask them to close your existing account, and they’ll help you open a new one with no reviews.

Good luck! :sunny: