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One buyer five times in a row!


This is my first week in fiverr. Created my account in 19th February. I got one buyer, five times in a row, and every time with a full 5* review. Glad to have a nice buyer in opening week!
Wish to help lot of people in the community,like did to him! He is a nice person, and I’m the luckiest seller :grin::smile::blush:


keep it up dude
Always kept learning attitude.

you can learn lot of things from fiverr blog,forum,academy.


Thanks! I thought it’ll be tricky to work for people here.
So, I’m not that much confident yet, how I do in future but have lots of hope! :innocent::innocent::innocent:


beware of those buyers that try and buy alot of things continuously, some can be troublesome.


Congrats! But I think 5 reviews consecutively could raise a warning sign for your future buyers. @phantompower, are you talking about Paypal chargeback?


yes PayPal charge backs and those that try to milk extra work in exchange for a better review.


As a newbie, can’t understand a thing, what you guys talking about :frowning:


Let me explain.

Taverr means to say a buyer looking at your gig can consider your reviews as fake, because all are given by a same seller.[quote=“phantompower, post:6, topic:109056, full:true”]
yes PayPal charge backs and those that try to milk extra work in exchange for a better review

Your buyer can claim for money back even after using your work :smirk:
He probably ask you to do some work for free of cost as he ordered your gig 5 times.
I wish you won’t get into some trouble.



I don’t think I’ve ever had even three reviews in a row from the same buyer.


I’ve done quite much work for a buyer but her reviews are not in a row of course.


I see, that must be troublesome :no_mouth:


To be honest, as a technical person, i must say, the first buyer I got isn’t that expert to do his own work. So I’ve been supporting him remotely, and that takes some times too. And every remote access I’ve done, he learned something new and ordered one gig!! That was the case! I don’t expect any problem though. Wish me luck :slight_smile: :innocent:


I think it depends on the category. In voice over, I have quite a few repeat buyers. One guy will order a dozen gigs per week, but might wait two or three weeks, then reviews 10 of them in a row.

If anybody ever looked, they would realize he’s a high volume white board seller, so it’s obvious he’s not a bogus buyer.

In my category if you’re a higher volume seller, it’s normal to have a set of reviews from one buyer, among lots of other reviews. Even in the beginning it was common to get two or three in a row from the same buyer. (Do one, they like you, and send you a set of others to do…)

@n4y33m Since you’re newer, many buyers will assume your best friend purchased a set of gigs from you, so as soon as possible you want to get a few other clients, otherwise it appears fake even if it is for real.


Thanks for awesome advice. It gives me some hope. It’s my first week in fiverr. I wish I can get other buyers soon :wink:


Yes same case with me. I had few sellers who have same gigs as mine and outsource their work to me…


I had a buyer who ordered continuously during the launch of his new product, the most I got out of him was 11 orders 6 scattered throughout while 5 were in a row.


wow! glad to hear that!


but trying to sell your gigs to more buyers.


Aye Aye Captain! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


It is nice … try to find other 5 sellers within 30 days. it will be amazing !