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One buyer is too much teasing to me😭

I already give him 20 sample of graphics work and this was my 9 days hard work. And he/she says the same text again and again.
I already gave the required work sample in 10$ and that work was approximately 100$, and says to see show me the Design I will give you long term project.
Anyone can help me in this matter?
Fiverr have any algorithm for this type of buyer?

Please help.
Thanks in advance :relaxed:


You gave TWENTY samples?

Shame on you.

Has the Buyer actually placed an order with you?

If so, cancel and block the Buyer.

If not, block the Buyer.

Do NOT let a Buyer bully you.


Yes, place the order for sample.
If I block the buyer then is there any possibility that the order can be cancelled by the buyer ?

If there is an order in place and you have delivered the finished product already, then I’m guessing the Buyer keeps requesting revisions.

I would cancel right now.

The Buyer has to accept your cancel request.


Let me guess: you offer unlimited revisions? or maybe you have 100% satisfaction guaranteed in your Gig somewhere? OR maybe you have money back guarantee in your Gig?

This is a major RED flag that is used by a lot of scammers. It is the “dangle a carrot” technique used on typically new sellers who are eager to make money and get their account moving along. The idea of more work or a large project can be too hard to pass up - and scammers know this - so, the seller will do as you have - give 20 samples that should have cost $100 in the hopes that jumping through hoops like a circus dog would make the buyer happy. The problem is, this type of buyer is NEVER happy. They will hound you for more “samples” and if you have any of the above statements or things in your Gig mentioned above - you will be beholden to them for as long as it takes.

I would remove any of the unlimited revisions, 100% guarantee stuff IF you do have that in your Gig(s) right now to avoid attracting this type of scavenger buyer in the future. If you do NOT have this stuff in your profile or Gigs, I would tell this buyer that you have already supplied the number of samples $10 covers and if they want more, you would be glad to send them a custom offer for more.



There was nothing mentioned like 100% satisfaction and unlimited revisions.
I gave 2 revisions and now completed, but not accepting and not responding :sob:.
I never saw this type of buyer, I want to request to fiverr please do something like this buyer.
You can my check my whole inbox.

9 days hard work

For a sample? Seriously?

You can my check my whole inbox

You know this isn’t customer support, right? Honestly, I’d just cancel the order and block the buyer.

Could redeliver and let them know that you’ve delivered what was initially promised and refuse to do more revisions. Just keep in mind you’ll be risking a 1* review.


Talk to CS.

You let this buyer in so you will probably have to cancel.

You really do have to have strong boundaries. Yes it is wrong that people like this exist and can do this but only you can really protect yourself. CS won’t really.

Have a clear gig, clear FAQ, strong Requirements Form, try to talk to the buyer first and the moment you see red flags, close them down, even if you lose the job as otherwise this is what happens.



Yes there are some buyer who are going to say I will work with you long term Do this project in minimum cost…
From past experience, next when you face this kind of buyer just say them “As you are saying we are going to work together for a long time,right? for the first time go with my regular rate in your next purchase there will be discount regarding our past experience:D”

by this you will know what is the buyer’s intentions…


Or better: The 10th order will be $5.

This is how the coffee card works, you only get the free one at #10, not at #1.

Loyalty has to be earned. Demanding it with no history proclaims the exact opposite of loyalty - a thief.



That’s owesome thing that you told me.
THANKS :relaxed:

If I will go CS they wilp cancel the order and my rating will bom😳

No. Stop thinking like that.

Sure, every action has a consequence but you have to decide which consequences suit you better in your situation. Simple put:

  • If you have lots of 5-Star with glowingly positive reviews and some clown wats to burn you over $200 you can take his review and even make him look silly in your response
  • If you have no or very few reviews and this is a $15 job, get rid of this person before they can do you real damage with a scathing review.

I don’t like that it is this way at all but we can only ever play the hand we are dealt and right now you have a rock and a hard place.

Best to get rid of this person entirely if they can hurt you in any real way as the small dent a cancellation does you will be less than a negative review (probably out of spite but good luck getting CS to delete that unless they swear - even then her in the forum the other day a fellow was left for about 3 hours casting pointed personal abuse and threats).

A cancellation you can trade past far easier than a negative start rating and review unless you already have many 5 stars - which i assume you do not seeing you let this happen in the first place.