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One buyer ripped me off 5 USD

i was new to sell here, and one buyer by name Fragglesrock contacted me to provide some expired domain name with hosting niche with da/pa 20+, i was not not aware to buy a service one need to click on buy button then seller deliver the service, i promptly replied with his required details on his inbox here at fiverr, and till then i never see him replying my payment demands,i am really surprised to know that people can rip off you for silly 5 USD.

it was my fault that i misunderstood the fact that who gonna scam me for 5 USD, and i got the reply here.

any ways i am back here on fiverr with my few service, hope to make some quick money.



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neteater said: i was not not aware to buy a service one need to click on buy button then seller deliver the service,

If you're having an issue with an order, it's best to contact Customer Service about the issue. Please note, calling out users on the forum is prohibited.

In the mean time, if you don't know how the system works, visit the support page where you can learn more about using the system as a Buyer:

Reply to @thepromogirl:

hi, i’d contacted the support, but they said they cant do anything, and seriously i have no issue, it was just silly 5 USD, but the issue was i shared the data with user using fiverr internal message system, so there must be the prove that i provided something, i am not saying bad about fiverr policies, but dont trust buyers every time, some time there are fake buyers as well.

One buyer ripped me off USD10…I delivered the order and he gave me +ve feedback.My payments were due in couple of days when I saw PAYMENT CANCELLED.Wow

Reply to @neteater: it doesn’t matter, if a buyer does not buy a gig first, then you cannot make them pay for any messages you sent them. And yes, there are some fake buyers every now and then, but it’s a lesson learned.