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One buyer send 5 time revisio.. Till he is confused

What will I do for that?

If your gigs offer unlimited revisions…, then nothing you can do about it…,
It’s the buyer rights to get the revisions as many times as needed :frowning:

Maybe you can’t grasp what the seller want?
Seller have something in mind and can’t explain well?
sometimes seller must able to know what buyer have in mind…,

Or…, you could give buyer your professional input on how the result should be, and how your design is better… STILL , the risk : buyer will think that you didn’t want to do more revision again and give you a bad rating…,

It’s up your choice

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Right, but what should I do?

If you do offer unlimited revisions in your gig, as some of them seem to, then you need to honour the revision requests from your buyer for as long as they keep asking for them - it’s the only thing you can do under the circumstances, otherwise the buyer could quite rightly leave a negative review, cancel the order etc.

Then go to the gigs you’ve got which offer unlimited revisions and edit them so that you offer a more suitable fixed number of revisions so that this doesn’t happen to you again. :slightly_smiling_face: