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One buyer submitted a complaint against me

Now i am not able to withdraw funds from fiverr…Support is also not giving any appropriate answer…I have no idea where to go.

I am pleading for help since past 2 months but not getting any solution

I don’t know if anyone on the forum can help you, but to even try you need to provide more information without naming names. What kind of complaint did they make? What exactly did CS say that you found inappropriate?

One thing I see on your profile is that you apparently delivered late on quite a few gigs and the buyer auto-cancelled when you didn’t give them their order. That’s an automated process and it pushed your rating down quite far. You did it repeatedly over several months from what I see, so it’s not like it was a one-time event. It will be hard to come back from that, although it can be done if you get a LOT of orders with positive ratings.