One buyer, two names?


I’m wondering if anyone has run into this situation. I responded to a buyer request for a buyer with one user name, say Name A. When they responded to me, they used Name B. We discussed the project and when they ordered, they actually used my gig link rather than the customer offer and it was under Name A. Is this possible to be the same person? If not, I have two people asking about the same project with the same questions.


Yes, it’s possible to be the same person if the usernames are similar, or if the conversation sounded like a continuation from one account to another. It’s not a mystery that some create multiple accounts and takes time for Fiverr to spot them.

I’ve been in this situation myself several times with buyers, each one having different reasons of why they created two accounts - either by mistake because they are not tech savvy, or because one account was used for personal purchases and another account was used for company purchases, etc.


What about team accounts? Would they all have the same user name?


Apparently no, not from the seller’s perspective.

From the seller’s perspective, you and your team members appear to be standard Fiverr buyers.

Only the admin and team members will see the team name anywhere on Fiverr. All other users, including sellers, will see a normal user, as always.


Oh good. That makes me feel better. I was afraid that I was going to say something dumb to one, or both of them.



Team Account: Hypothetical situation:

(1) Gina Riley (Team Lead) @gina_riley2
(2) Vickie Spencer (Team Member) @vickiespencer
(3) Tracy Barnhart (Team Member) @tracybarnhart

Gina sets up a Team Account and invites Vickie & Tracy. All three have access to “team fund” but will use their own username to make purchases as before.


I get buyers who tell me they are contacting me under a different account from when they first bought from me. They order from two accounts and are open about it. I never know what to do.