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One buyer want to cancel the order

Hi everyone, I need some advice from sellers more experts than me. I have to cancel one order because according to the buyer the girl of my drawing doesn’t look like to the picture. I followed the picture and I didnt’ go off topic.
For only 12$ the buyer claimed a high degree of realism. This particular had not specified in the ad and he wanted to cancel the revision from the first revision.
What I have to do in these situations? Please can you explain me how work the revisions? Thank you

It is difficult to say based on what you’ve said here. I do see that you state in your gigs that you will do realistic style. As a buyer, for me personally that would mean that you would draw with a high degree of realism as asked. It would be different if you said you only did cartoons or if you said realism was $50 extra, but your gig doesn’t say that.

Technically you could try insisting that the buyer must allow you more revisions to get it right. This is a case where Customer Support might back you up, but if the buyer complains to CS and they force a refund, that’s worse for you. Even if the buyer doesn’t force a cancellation they might leave you a terrible review. Based on your own statement that what you drew doesn’t look like the picture I think you’d be smart to refund. It’s really up to you, though.