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One cancel order but cancel percentage of order completion down to 67%, how it can recover?


Hi! Guys. I have an issue with my order completion ratio because recently my customer canceled the order due to his misunderstanding. my order completion ratio down to 67% from 100%. please advise how it would improve and how much time would be required in recovery at 100% ?? :frowning:


As you get more orders and you receive more 100% completion rates, it will raise your mean average.


Hello,same happened with me but it was my own mistake.I misunderstood the order and quoted for it the least price.The buyer ordered me without explaining the task and it resulted in cancellation.I am also searching for the right answer.


The order completed rate will be calculated for the orders of last 60 days.

Simple example to understand : If you received 10 orders for last 60 days and 1 got canceled then your order completed rate will be reduced by 10%

if you received 5 orders and 1 cancellation then the rate will be reduced by 20% (it is the percentage of cancelation occurred on total orders within 60 days)

There for to increase the order completed rate you have to handle more orders.

Also remember that 1 cancellation will impact on the 60 days rate (punishment for 2 moths)


o so nice of you!
i understand your guideline.means to say if we cancel 2 orders in 60 days so that we have increase our order quantity to recover this?? means now time is to recover lose before evaluation deadline?
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Its a calculation of percentage, don’t worry it will remaining 60 days then it will recovery automatically. Another point when you done more order you ratio increase. Just work and enjoy.


Yes, Like other said. Don’t worry about this. it will go away and your ratio will go back to normal.


o bundle of thanks rumanaebl for your kind guidline for m:)


thank you so much for your kind response:)


Bundle of thanks for all guys for your kind information