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One cancellation because the buyer bought accidentally and now I am getting demoted to Level 1

Hello Fiverr.

In April 2018 one buyer bought my gig which had a 29 day delivery time frame at the time (because I only had very limited time) and I told him I would be able to deliver it in 7 days. He said that that would be too much and canceled the order. I thought that if it is a mutual cancellation it would have no impact on my stats. But no, it dropped my completion rate to the point that I will probably get demoted this Friday.

So… because of the mistake by one Person I will loose my Level 2 Badge. And the best part is that I am nowhere near to complete the new requirements to get to Level 2 again (2000$ all time income). Support just said “Cancellations are a normal thing and you will always receive some as seller on Fiverr. We can not do anything about it.”

I do not understand what the point of this is. Oh well… seems like my good days here on Fiverr are over… It was a fun year.

Thanks and bye


Hi Fabianma,

Sorry to hear this. It isn’t fair at all. :frowning:

Not sure if you need to get the $2000 to get back to level 2 as you’ve been level 2 already?
Added - sorry - you do. :frowning:

It would be great if somebody else could chip in to let us know. - it would be one thing fewer for you to worry about.


Well, on the Analytics page under the “Earnings” criteria, it says “(all time)”, which means that you only need to earn that $2,000 once to become Level Two.

So, considering that Fabiana is already Level Two at the moment, that means she already earned the $2,000 once, so there’s no need to re-earn it. Therefore, the only problem standing right now in the path of her level would be order completion rate, but that can be earned back quickly in a month :slight_smile:

Unless I’m missing something :eyes:

Not if she was made level 2 under the ‘old’ system - there wasn’t a total income requirement then - it was 50 orders regardless of the value. So not sure about the new income requirement?

But the old system is already old - the new system has been evaluating sellers for months now, yet she’s still Level 2, which means she passed all previous evaluations that involved the $2,000 requirement.

No - they were grandfathered, so if they were level 2 under the old system users stayed on that level regardless of the total income.

Added - just found it:
From here:

I’ve already achieved a top level, but I didn’t earn the new amount required for my level. Will I be demoted?
Don’t worry, doers—in the updated system, an existing seller cannot be demoted just because the earning isn’t as required in the updated terms. As long as you maintain your response rate, deliver complete orders on time, and continue to receive good ratings, you will keep your current level. You’ll be only demoted if you are unable to meet these standards—and in order to be promoted back up, you’ll need to meet the earnings standards again


Sorry for the delay, I had to look up “grandfathered” :eyes:

Well, once law matters come into play, I’m confused as a pup! :unamused:

Maybe she meant that she didn’t earn the new amount required for her level THIS past month’s all time, maybe she thought she had to earn $2,000 monthly all the time to keep her level? Just thinking out loud here :stuck_out_tongue:

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No - sellers could retain level 2 regardless of their earnings when the level system started, but will now need to reach the new earnings standard to be promoted again after being demoted.

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Oh my - so that means, if I get demoted, I have to earn $20,000 again to be a TRS? :scream:

No - you need to have earned the earnings quota over all-time, not again! :slightly_smiling_face:

From what the OP said she hasn’t earned the $2000 (all-time) so will need to earn that before being promoted again.


Well, that makes sense now! And I guess we have an answer :slight_smile:

phew, thanks for not affecting my sleep with $20K worth of worries :sweat_smile:


Guys, she probably was a level 2 seller before Fiverr changes it’s requirements early on in the year, therefore not getting demoted because Fiverr said as long as you meet the order requirements, you will stay at your level. If she gets demoted, then she will be nowhere near the 2k requirement and will remain level one for a long time.
What I Suggest
Contact support again and say that the delivery time was 29 days, and the buyer canceled because he was too cheap to order 7-day delivery. Then you can tell them that you know cancellations are “normal” (they’re really not:smirk:), but this is costing you your level. If they don’t honor your request and let you stay your level, then I’m leaving Fiverr because that’s a sign of a bad support team not worth the two dollar service fee for every order.
Have a great day Fabianma.
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Yep - we finally came to that conclusion as well.

Threatening CS with leaving will do no good, and could have quite the opposite effect.

All cancellations affect levels, no matter if the seller isn’t to blame or not.


Sorry, for seemingly threatening CS. I just wanted to get the point-across that I won’t leave Fiverr anytime soon, as it’s a great way to earn money. It’s just that I am confident and am willing to wager that Fiverr will honor the request. I won’t actually leave of course.

They won’t. Been there, done that, got the proverbial t-shirt.

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Fiverr’s support team is _usually _great. __

But I remember reading somewhere that if you contact customer support for unreasonably cancelled orders that affect your level , then they will make it right? Am I wrong?

They did for a while (like a few days) but were seemingly overwhelmed, so not now.

It’s such a shame to see good Sellers leave. Especially, over circumstances that are beyond our control. :confused:


the buyer bought accidentally

This is one of the lamest excuses ever. I absolutely hate it that we have to suffer. Pure & utter madness! :rage:


Hopefully this service fee will be worth it and support will get better. How are they overwhelmed? Don’t they encourage the sellers to be accomodating? They make at least a hundred-million a year…how hard would it be to add a few more support agents.

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