One connection, two fiverr account access accidentally, May I face problem?


I generally go through FIverr Account by my mobile data, In my room there is a WIFi connection.
In which connection my friend use his Fiverr Account. But today accidently I have login my Fiverr account through that WIFI connection. Then as soon as possible I log out my account.
May I fall in danger Within very near future.
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I doubt it will give you trouble considering it’s probably different payment info, etc.

If it were a routine occurrence, Fiverr would probably assume one person ran both accounts and deactivate them.


That login was accidently, and I think this type of mistake will not occur in future. For one time mistake Would Fiverr deactivate my Account?


sydneymorgan just answered your question and I think the answer sounds good enough for your question


Fiverr can ban your account even for a single and simple mistake.

However, it may not be a problem for this time, but make sure you are not doing this again and again.



Managing accounts on one WiFi is not a trouble But if you Try to use both accounts on same browser or Computer you will end up being blocked I guess.


Just in case if you don’t know, Fiverr doesn’t allow multiple accounts on same internet connection if both of them works in the same service area.


Thank you all a lot.