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One Day Of Amnesty


I would love to have one day of amnesty when responding to some customers who are uber-evil.

Where I can say whatever I want to them and not be penalized. Yeah, I know that the customer is important, but not the bad ones.

Another Fiverr Seller mentioned, “The customer is always right.” - Nope. Sorry, not all of them.

Would you like 1 day of amnesty to say what’s really on your mind? Let’s hear it.


I think that’s why most people have blogs. :wink:


If I’m getting really twisted up by a buyer, I go to Clients from Hell and read other people’s hilarious and ridiculous stories. I find it kind of comforting.

But yeah. Like I used to have this repeat buyer who would always be having some sort of “content emergency”–which is not a thing. There’s pretty much no reason a website needs brand new content RIGHT NOW–so he always demanded his orders be my priority. And he would say stuff like, “If you’ll close all your gigs and stop working for other people, I have more than enough work for you.” But then he would disappear and leave open orders without real instructions for days, nitpick my writing, scold me for not following formatting guidelines that he never actually told me he needed, etc., etc.

He finally stopped ordering from me and I was kind of waiting for the 30 day review limit to pass to send him a message about how he could have at least thanked me for pretty much always going above and beyond for him him…but then there’s been this bug going around where some buyers can sometimes leave reviews even after thirty days…sooooo…a day of amnesty would be super.


You sure you want just 1 day ? I don’t think that would be enough.


@Emasonwrites I think I fired that same client :))


Well, actually, I think I met a seller who loved this idea. His gig title appeared to me to be misleading and I asked for a cancellation - I then asked him if he did have the gig I was looking for. … he told me to “Shut up” - cheers to that guy!


Reply to @marketman: Interesting, we would like to see the full history. :slight_smile:


Reply to @thekencook: HAHAHA. I just creeped through some of your reviews, and I think you’re right!