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One gig for many jobs or many one job gigs? [RESOLVED]


Been on Fiverr for just about a month and I have a gig in which I can edit and fix up images (

At the moment it has been my more popular gig but I have found the orders are slow which could be down to me being new.

I have been wondering if I should break up this gig into many little ones for specific jobs like removing backgrounds, resizing an image, converting to a vector graphic…etc. Or should I just be a little more patient and just carry on promoting my master gig on Buyer Requests?

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Hi dizzyvix,

Using the “divide and conquer” method seems appropriate for your service. This involves what you have suggested, breaking your service down into more specific tasks and gigs. Breaking your service down will allow you to maximise your search results (by having more gigs listed) whilst also improving your customer experience (by having gigs easier to find). For example, if I want a background to be removed on an image, I will search “image background removal” and look for results. I won’t search for “edit my digital image” and hope to find services within these gigs which cover my request.

The lovely Natalie wrote a guide on this previously, which can be found here:



Ya that makes sense, think I will keep the general one as I do have returning buyers but as you said will set up the individual ones for each job…right time to get on Photoshop

hello you need to wait and only wait for orders and you can promote your gigs in various social medias, forum, blog for better sales :slight_smile:

I would usually not recommend that, but in your case it makes sense. Also, put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. They are looking for solutions not skills.