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One Gig should allow for One Category

As you seen, Millions of gig in the search. Probably you are not getting any order because of your gig not showing in the search.

That’s because of Sellers do create multiple gigs in the same category.

One Gig should allow for One Category.

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  • I disagree

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I disagree with the existence of this poll.


So… An article writer shouldn’t be allowed to have a gig for articles about bitcoin, another gig for articles about pet care, the third gig for articles about technology, and so on? Or, an intro video maker shouldn’t be allowed to have several gigs offering different intros?


I think, Article is a category and sub category should be 20s. So there should not be 20s of different gig.

I disagree, because like @catwriter said, is nothing wrong with creating specific gigs. If someone copies the same gig over and over to get more views, he/she is hurting themselves as far as I know.

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Is this another of these ‘pulling up the ladder behind you’ threads? :wink:

Until told otherwise by Fiverr, users should be able to offer as many of whatever gigs they like in whatever categories/subcategories they like.

Otherwise to have more than one gig, sellers would have to be multi-talented.

Are all of your gigs in different categories as your title would suggest @fast_editing ?


Ok, for example: I am video editor. I can do logo intro templates and custom logo intros. Those should be in same category. Also I can do stomp intros, which will be in the same category too.

I totally disagree. You want to limit sellers.