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One house three fiverr account

My younger brother and sister also decided to work on Fiverr but there is only one wifi router in my house. Is it make any problem in future…?

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@abdulgaphy Don’t write things you don’t know then it’s the first time you post on this forum.
Of course it is a problem because it is forbiden to create acounts using the same IP adress they will think you have multiple accounts and you will all get perma banned.
Only one account per IP is allowed.

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thanks for your advice
now what should we can do…?

You keep working here, your bother/sister don’t.

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ok i will talked with them

You can also contact CS and ask them! Maybe they would allow because I have seen people using after contacting CS!

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:thinking: :roll_eyes:

It means Customer Support

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No. I am sorry but, psykkopatte is incorrect in her telling you that you and your siblings cannot use the same wifi connection.

Now, what you CANNOT do is:

Use the same wifi connection and your brother and sister make an account in the same categories YOUR Gigs are in.

If your brother and sister are going to offer Gigs here that are completely different than yours (meaning, different category than where your stuff is), they have to sign up with their own payment method (meaning, their own PayPal or Payoneer account) and their own emails. They will also probably need to verify their ID at some point.

If the criteria above is met, then they can have their own seller accounts here - but, I have a feeling they are going to want to probably sell in the same area you are or probably in the already over saturated categories of the site.

When in doubt, you can always ask customer service, but, they will tell you the same I have above.



He might get a ban for using same IP on 3 accounts, so yes, better ask CS first

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Do not open any extra accounts until you first get permission from Customer Support otherwise all accounts are likely to be disabled at any time.


@genuineguidance gave you a great explanation, I’d just add this: contact Customer Support first and ask them for permission for your brother and sister to open their own Fiverr accounts, and guidance how to do it (which is basically going to be what @genuineguidance said, gigs in different categories, different PayPal or Payoneer accounts, different email accounts, no interaction between yourselves on Fiverr…).

Neither your brother nor your sister should open their accounts without the permission from Customer Support, otherwise all three of you could get permanently banned.