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One in the Oven



I have ordered about 150 gigs from Fiverr providers but tonight I have ordered 4 gigs and each one Fiverrs message has been ‘One in the Oven’!

I know I ran out of funds on paypal so I went over there and switched ‘primary funds’. I thought this would solve the problem but NO. The next three gigs I ordered sai ‘in the oven’.

Paypal says payment is pending till 8th Jan now

Whats going on…!

How do I get out of this and start buying again

If you know, let me know…please


[Please don’t use this forum as a replacement for support. If you have technical issues or concerns regarding your personal account the Fiverr Support Team is available 24/7 to help you. Thank you.]


Best to talk to customer support but it sounds like your payment went as an echeque from paypal but confirm this with support and they will be able to give you the full low down .

I have had a similar issue a while ago and it turned out to be that in my experience


Okay I thought someone was announcing a pregnancy or something… yeah I am late for class again. As they said contact Customer Support

madmoo said: On a side note, this sort of situation could explain some of those 'incomplete' orders we get in our queues where we assume buyers haven't bothered giving us the necessary instructions.



Reply to @madmoo: I complained to customer support tonight about this, but there was nothing they would do.