One month completed. Became level 1 seller


Today my first month at fiverr was completed. I also got promoted to level 1 seller and made around $300. I am posting this a motivation for those who are just starting and are struggling to get orders. Dont give up. When I started I was actually complaining for the first 15 days and was expecting to get orders while I was surfing youtube, then I got to know things dont work here this way. You need to find buyers.

I am still a noob and learning new stuff daily but one thing I can suggest you is to bring buyers to buy from you, this way you’ll get paid much better, my avg selling price is about $25 and I am in the most crowded, logo market where sellers would provide the same thing as mine but for $5.


Congratulations…keep up the good work.
Good luck


Welcome to level 1 family in fiverr, you are very proficient thats why you got the level asap


I think I was lucky… Thank you.


Nice to hear that. Congrats!!!:heart_eyes:


congratulations to you