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One month in Fiverr and still nothing :(

I logged in a month ago in Fiverr and I am still waiting :(.
Is there a dashbord where I can see buyers requests and give my offer, or I just wait for a buyer to choose me?
Thank you!

share your gigs in social networks. Target your buyers

You seriously need to work on your gig description.
Look at popular sellers and compare their description with yours.
You need better sample images too, especially for your logo gig.
All I see is a low-quality image of the word “logo” written in different ways, that
is not really a logo. Again, I strongly advise you to look at other popular sellers and
see what they are doing. If you cannot notice the different, you are going to have a
hard time finding success here.


I offer a gig which is for writing gig descriptions so if you want some help, please find me and inbox me!



Test test and test, i was not sale on 2 month :smiley:

Thank you all for your help!!I will improve my gigs and hope for the best!