One month of Fiverr 3.0 and my sales [ARCHIVED]


I quit my day job to work full time on Fiverr and everything was going good untill Fiverr rolled out 3.0 update.

My best selling gig having 1049 reviews had 25K impressiosn last month and now it got only 1.5K impressions.

Sales have dropped more than 90% for me.

I guess its time to move on now and start looking for a job again.

Thanks Fiverr…


Same here. I’ve 10% of my usual traffic. But as we know, Americans have the “brilliant” habit to screw a working company and “fix” what is working perfectly. Fiverr 3.0 is an excellent example for this. Everyone is telling this to them, but as it’s like some sort of idiot national trait, they won’t ever admit that they’ve screwed something. Well, they did and it would be good if they would realize that it will hurt not just us, but them as well in a long run. But long term thinking is something what American companies lack lately.


The same from my side. I use to work all the week and weekends for huge projects of illustration from Fiverr. 3 weeks I don’t receive nothing. No order, decrease in impressions and clicks


Reply to @leonart: I don’t think Fiverr is an American company. It has an office in the USA, but Fiverr did not originate in the USA. If they did, they would be required to send me a w4 for tax purposes, but they don’t.


Sales went from 10 a day to one a day if I am lucky.


Also, after Fiverr 3.0 release my sales dramatically decreased with 90%. From 4-8 orders per day my sales dropped to 0-1 per day (in some lucky days I get 2 orders per day)…

My best sold gig usually got 25k impressions in every month, and that means from 150 to 90 orders per month. But now I have only 4k impressions per month and only 10 orders in 30 days. With this poor performance in next 30 days I’ll loose my Level 2 badge…

Thanks Fiverr, you rock!!!


Reply to @kjblynx: to get and keep level 2 badge a seller needs to have at least 50 orders in 60 days…


Reply to @steveeyes: You don’t work for Fiverr, so they’re not going to give you a W4. No matter where they’re based, if you worked for then in the US, you’d get a W4. You’re an independent businessperson. You’re responsible for your own tax payments just like any other business owner.

Fiverr’s corporate headquarters are in Tel Aviv.


Reply to @whitehatseo10: That’s not what it says. You need 50 sales in the previous 2 months to attain Level 2 status, and you must maintain excellent ratings. The only times I’ve seen a Level 2 seller lose their badge, it was for ratings falling under about 94% (I’m not sure of the exact percent, but the point is, it’s the loss of ratings, not sales, that causes a seller to be demoted).


Fiverr Customer Support


Now since Fiverr CS is nt responding or trying to help us, now my only hope is Fiverr 4.0, I hope it can bring back the sales :slight_smile:


Reply to @aeiou280: I don’t think so. Read a great realistic opinion:

istvanszaboifj said: Americans have the “brilliant” habit to screw a working company and “fix” what is working perfectly. Fiverr 3.0 is an excellent example for this.

Fiverr 4.0 (that is expected to arrive next year in summer) will make the things worst…


Why do we need fiver 4.0 or 5.0 or 99.0 if the site was working just fine. For gods sake why? Obviously fiver 3.0 will make us sellers to lose client, but also same goes for fiverr. So i think they should listen to their users and do something.


Customer Support don’t care about that, maybe they didn’t sell anything in Fiverr, so they don’t care if sales dropped. Maybe they will have some action when they see their revenue reduced.


Reply to @harry2388: Hope they will…


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