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One more option should be introduced

i think, there should be one more option between ACCEPT AND REJECT
for example
you get an order. you work hard for 3 days. and deliver but you missed some work (suppose 10%) because you are not familiar with any specific extention or software.
if u not not expert, even in revisions u will give same result.

then buyer has two options (1) accept your work which has small deficiency
or (2) reject it

in case of accept buyer will ask once again to other person to complete short area of work.
if he rejects, it will lost you. you did 3 days hard work and will not get a single penny.

in this case there should be option that he dont fully reject but give the seller some percentage of budget. so that seller don’t remain empty hands.

(note: its my personal opinion. i don’t know about the existing rules. if any person know about this please tell me to update my knowledge). thanks


Legally this can’t work. You can’t retroactively change the policy of an order and you can’t partially deliver something in a marketplace.

Then you don’t take that job.

I have a better idea: why not only sell something you are proficient in?

If someone lacks skill and isn’t doing the work properly, then they shouldn’t do it at all, not do a half-baked job and get partially paid. That’s totally useless to buyers.


This is it. Consider yourself as a customer: You buy a car and it only starts on Wednesdays. You go talk to the manufacturer, and they say: oh but we aren’t good at any days other than Wednesday, surely you understand that. Do you understand that?

I take it not. So don’t do it to your customers. If you have specific capabilities, make that clear, become a specialist in y but not x or z. Clarify that in your main Gig body text and in the FAQ too so you don’t get caught out.



I really don’t understand this idea so many sellers have that it’s okay to take orders for work they actually don’t know how to do.

No one should have to pay you any percentage of the order because 1. You actually committed fraud and deception to get the sale and 2. The deliverable is totally useless to the client. This is just common sense but so many sellers keep trying to find a way to make it okay to sell despite a lack of proficiency for their order.

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Like in the answer I gave in another thread, if you try to send 10 BR regardless of suitability, you have little choice but to be fibbing most of the time.

Yes it is very concerning that so many people see this as not remotely problematic.

I just deliberated over an EDM job. I am not a Techno person but I felt I had something to offer and I got a quick 5-Star for it. Before the client signed I still made it clear that I wanted him to listen to my style first so if he didn’t feel I was a good fit he could move along. I brought what I do and that was unique.

I will never commit to a job where I don’t know that I can bring a good result to. To do otherwise would dishonor my clients and myself.


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I’m going to echo what has already bèn said here.

Just promote skills you actually have and you probably won’t have this issue.

Now i understand
thanks to explain. now i understand the present policy is best.