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One of Buyer makes me a lot of Troubles


I am a Logo Designer. One of my Owner doesn’t accept my design and ask for something else. YOUR BUYER REQUESTED A MODIFICATION, but He doesn’t ask for a modification. He need to change all Logo. Then I have to design new one. I designed him few logos.

It is has happening within 3 days. There is just 5 hours to end order. What can I do for him. He never satisfy from anything.

What can I do now?


Request a mutual cancellation. Much way easier rather than dealing with a stresful customer for $5.


He is a spammer. You delivered what you had to, if he want’s further modifications or redos or more logos he has to buy more of the gig.

be strict with your buyers.

he is only paying like $5 if he expects more he should pay more.


Wow, I’m having the same problem here! Lucky me, the user hasn’t made an order yet, he is just asking me over and over again via messages what kind of modifications I can do, if I can do extras for 1dollar each (1 dollar each?! I mean, that’s not how it works!) and things like that. I’m being pretty clear about what I can and can not do. I hope I don’t have problems if he decides to make an order T_T The last I want is having bad feedback when I always put an effort and do the best I can.


Request a mutual cancellation… Best way to dealing with such buyer.


Cancellation seems to be the right option here. Since you’re new, he is manipulating you to offer more.

He may even leave a negative review to control you further after the order is completed.


Yeah i think that mutual cancellation is the best way to go in this situation