One of my buyer not make my payment where do I complaint him?


Hi, I am new to fiverr, I was complete my first order with excellent reviews and got payment on time. after one month I got another order I completed it but not get any payment and review can anybody help me why its heppened


You can always escalate your problems to CS and they will sort it out for you :slight_smile:


What you mean with

Please read the ToS and you will find out why


thanks for your suggestion can you please tell me what is procisior for escalate problems to CS


go to Contact Fiverr Support and then simply submit a ticket with your problem details :slight_smile:


If you had an order you had to get a payment. You may not get a review every time.
Do not do work until you get an order.


but I didn’t get a payment


Did your client pay for the gig before you start the order?


You need to contact with the fiverr support team
They will clear it properly


As @misscrystal said, you don’t get an order until a client has paid - they pay for your work before you start. 14 days after the order is completed, your payment will clear.

All I can think is somebody messaged you and asked you to do something without an order being made, which is why you didn’t get paid. If that’s the case, then please don’t do any work until you get an order.

If you did get an order, and something’s gone amiss with the pending payment etc. then yes, you should contact CS.


Yes, you are right I got a message but gig didn’t show payment. Thank all
of you for clearing all these issues. I will careful in future.