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One of my Buyer Pet Peeves. (minor rant)

Quick backstory about me:

I am a hip-hop ghostwriter here on Fiverr with over 300 + completed orders and 250 + reviews. I have about 20 different verses displayed on my Live Portfolio which pretty much sum up my style of rapping.

Pet Peeve:

Two days ago I received an order asking for a verse. Usually, buyers will contact me first to make sure I can accommodate their needs. However, this person placed an order on their own and even paid for rush delivery. I contacted them to touch base on what they are looking for since they didn’t fill out the requirements, here is where my pet peeve comes in.

"I want you to write a verse sounding like so-and-so".

Well if you took the time to listen to my portfolio you would’ve heard clearly I do not rap like so-and-so. I told them I would try my best to deliver the style they were looking for but a few minutes later the told me they found someone that sounds like so-and-so and would like me to give them their money back.

I told them I don’t have their money they would have to contact CS to handle the situation. Long story short, I agreed to the mutual cancelation just to get past the whole ordeal. I knew my completion rate would take a hit and it did, dropping to 96%.

I knew CS wouldn’t do much but I contacted them anyway. 24 hours later I get this response from them and my completion rate is magically back to 100%.

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 9.50.35 PM

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 9.54.05 PM

Anyway, I rarely post on the forum, just felt like sharing. Be easy everyone.


I had this exact same thing happen to me not too long ago. I agree. It is annoying.

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I just had a similar situation but I am not past hearing from CS. I’m a voiceover seller and a buyer placed an order with adult content (which I specify multiple times in gig description/FAQ’s that I do NOT record) and I reached out to CS.

I am really hoping my stats aren’t effected. :pray:

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I’m not sure how it worked out for me since CS did say cancellations are handled by the system automatically. But some how some way it’s back to 100% the same day I received the email.

I’m hoping something similar happens with me… the person who placed my order said he was a new buyer and didn’t realize but I feel like it is very unfair for sellers to take a hit when buyers ignore (whether accidentally or not) the bolded terms in gig descriptions/FAQ’s.

In my opinion, there should be a more specific cancellation policy around times when the seller clearly states they cannot complete certain types of work but the buyer still places an order.

Hate when clients places an order when you clearly dont do that order.

They should make so that if you cancel an order with 24-48 hours, it would have no impact on your account…