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One of my Completed Orders was Cancelled

Hello there

One of my complete orders has been canceled by buyer.

I have completed the order as per the instructions provided by the buyer. The buyer asked for many changes and very time during work in the process. I have told him to stick with one decision and one format, etc. Anyhow, I did what he asked and delivered my work.
The buyer after delivery asked me to assist him while uploading to his Webhosting. I did assist him (though it was not a part of the deal to which we agreed). After assisting him, and when he saw that the web app is running fine, he told me that the theme needs to be changed, which need lots of coding, I told him It was not a part of the deal. He went for a dispute.

I need help. Is there any way that our chat history, order agreement, etc. be reviewed so that I get compensated?.

One thing which needs to be noted that buyer still running my app on his website.
I guess keeping in view the copyright policy the app should not be used until I get compensated?


Even if you get compensated, he can’t use the app. He hasn’t payed for it. He has no rights to it.


He is USING it. It’s a Web App, he asked me to help him to upload to site, I did assist him. Once he saw that it’s working, he started arguing, he has change the theme and blah and blah, and the went for dispute. And I didn’t get any change from Fiverr to clarify, I don’t know whether Fiverr Team would have gone through our conversation during the work in process or not?

Is there anyone, who could please guide me?

I KNOW, I read your original post. What is I said is, he can’t use the app, meaning he LEGALLY can’t use the app.

Depending on your protection against this, he is in the right or wrong. I’m no coding expert, but I know it depends on the percentage of the code that was written by you. As long as the barebones code was written by you and you alone, you should be fine.

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Thanks so much for reply
He didn’t changed the theme, neither he can, because he doesn’t know coding.
Before going to dispute he just started arguing for for changing theme and other things. Since, he changed his website theme after delivery and I told him it was not a deal to change theme Everytime whenever he changes the theme of his website. Then he told me he has other websites and he would also like to use it there as well. In short he was gonna dispute.

Anyhow, if you or anyone else could please guide how to get compensated?

I would like the Fiverr to go through all over Conversation, deal and what I did for him.

Take screenshots of the whole agreement. And of the app being used.

Attach screenshots of agreement conversation to a note to CS. Don’t expect a quick answer, but they should sort it out for you. Eventually.

In the meantime, put in a DCMA dispute with the buyer’s host - include proof that the app is your work (screenshots). And a screenshot of the relevant TOS about copyright.

This is going to take a while. Don’t give up.

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this type of story again :unamused:

does Fiverr give back the money to the buyer yet?

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I don’t know where to go for the DCMA Dispute. If you could guide please?

I don’t know whether buyer get the money or not but they have deduct from my account and reduce my rating too…

If necessary, do a whois lookup (google it). Find out who the host is that way. They’ll have a method of making a DCMA dispute. If it’s not obvious,s end them an email with that in the subject line, together with the website url. Attach all the evidence.

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Thank you so much for guidance.

And what will I go to get compensated on Fiverr?

Dunno - it’s up to them.

No problem.
Thank you so much :grin: