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One of my friend suspended his fiverr account because of using publice IP in the public place!


It’s very important to know that, some times your fiverr account can suspend using for public IP address. Because there are lots of user login by same IP address. That is why google recognize the user as a robot user and suspicious. Fiverr authority notice that the user trying to promote in bad way.


I use my fiverr account in public places a lot and so do many other people. It’s not a problem.


I understand that and that’s worst case when our account is blocked.
It can happen to all of us. But when we think Fiverr can’t know who is based on IP and they analyze their data and that’s to make Fiverr more secure. Sometimes we can see similar cases but the problem can be solved and on one way that tells us Fiverr is here to prevent hacking our accounts.


It is not based on IP how they find out you have more than one account.


As many people have replied, I am also sure that Fiverr does not block accounts solely based on the IP.
And guess what ? Your friend’s account is NOT blocked.
Tell him / her to log in from another IP range and he / she will be able to log in. The message he or she is getting is not related to his / her Fiverr account being blocked.
What happens is Fiverr uses the alogoritms from the Google data regarding Google’s blacklisted IPs and your friend may have tried logging in from one of those IP ranges and seen a blockage related message within a Fiverr page and I have seen that before and it is not a Fiverr account blockage message.
Once your friend has tried logging in from a different IP range, he or she will be able to login to his / her Fiverr account. And then please post the outcome here.


Really? You’re encouraging people to get around the rules? You’re instructing people how to overcome Fiverr’s choice to block an account? Seriously? :open_mouth:


Not at all. Tell me exactly and very precisely as to where I have mentioned anything related to “getting around rules”.
The issue here is not about any rules. The issue here is about a user that was trying to log in from a public place having an IP range that is in the blacklist of major spam authorities.
Suggestiing him or her to try logging in from another IP range is in now way related to Fiverr TOS or rules.
The exact same issue happened to me when I tried logging in from a public internet cafe and when I went back home, I was able to log in It seems to be an IP issue and not a Fiverr account block issue.


So, trying to log in from a different IP address, according to you means “getting around rules” ?
I think you did not understand what I have mentioned, in the first place.
A person was trying to login to Fiverr account from a public place such as an internet cafe and the page showed a blockage related message, which relates to a website identifying an IP as a spam related IP.
Logging in from another IP range is in now way related to Fiverr rules at all !!!
Infact Fiverr support itself adviced me the same in such an issue, long ago and it worked !!!
There are spam monitoring authorities which websites depend on in order to block visits, bots coming from bad traffic and the spam monitors blacklist some IPs and websites rely on that data to keep their websites safe from things like DDOS, etc.
Logging in from a different IP range in no way has anything to do with Fiverr rules.


If you can enter (or your friend) your account from another IP then it is not blocked or suspended.


One of the ways that websites detect more than 1 account is by IP addresses. Yes, there are other aspects in the algorithm. But IP address is definitely one of the aspects.


Yes, very seriously , I’m suggesting OP to suggest that Fiverr user to try logging in from a different range of IP address.
And since you do not seem to understand this and falsely accusing me of “encouraging people to get around the rules”, let me explain it in a way you MAY understand.

  1. Logged in from an internet cafe IP address was for example
  2. Logged in from home and IP address was for example 321.321.321.321
    These are different IP ranges.
    Your false allegation against me is quite grave in nature, because you have falsely accused me of encouraging people to go against Fiverr rules !
    Kindly, henceforth avoid such grave false accusations against any forum member.
    You have violated Fiverr Forum rules by making a false accusation of a grave nature against another member.


Not on this site. They dont use IP


I think they can use IPs, Cookies, even Browser fingerprinting.

I have accessed my account from a public IP without any issues though.


They do not suspend accounts using IP’s or cookies.

Think about it. If they did, anyone could use a different IP and a new computer to get into his suspended account.

They mark an account suspended on their side by blocking it at the server.


Fiverr does use IP as one of the methods to detect multiple accounts, etc.
Try to log in from an IP that is identified as a source of spam by the known anti-spam authorites that websites like Fiverr rely on to update their anti-spam algorithms, you will get a message from Fiverr on the Fiverr webpage related to some access blockage.
Every web portal, in order to detect non-allowed multiple accounts, etc, do use IP addresses as one of their detection methods and it is often a programmed algorithm and IP address is always incorporated in that algorithm along with other detection methods. In the internet world, the most significant detection method for things like non-allowed multiple accounts, spam, etc is the IP address. Yes, there are other aspects, but IP address is definitely considered for this.


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True anyone could go to a different IP.

But the point is, if 2 accounts sign in from the same IP, they will definitely get flagged and checked out. It is used as part of an investigation among other things. Same with cookies


I use public IPs all the time.

You guys are guessing.


Everyone using a residential IP address (and this includes 90% of the world) gets a new IP address each time they log into their networking device for internet.
Do you use a smartphone ? Do you use a laptop with a dongle for internet ? Do you use any networking device like a router, a hotspot ? Yes ? Then you too will not be having the same IP address every time. These are dynamic IP addresses provided by the ISPs.


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