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One of my gig does not show up under the search results anymore


Hey friends,

i´m a fiverr seller since more then 3 years. I had great experience with fiverr and many sales.
Since a few weeks the sales of one of my gig has dropped to like zero. I tried to find this gig under the search results, but it does not show up anymore. The gig is online and available. I´m a level two seller and have close to 500 5 star ratings with that gig.
I did also a advanced search to bring the search results to a small choice. But i can not find the gig there. Any one of you have an idea?

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for now and all the best.



If you wanna check out my gig, here is the link:


You can only have one gig show up per category.


Ok. Thanks for the quick reply. Does it change in the past? Half year ago both of my gigs showed up in the search results. That was not a problem.

Can i change it by myself which of my gigs show up in the results?



The only way to control it is to delete one of your gigs, or at least pause it.


Did you by chance update your gig (Description, prices, extras, images or anything) before sales stopped?


When do you know? Did CS told you that we can have just one gig per category in order to be in category indexed? Please let us know more information. I also had two gigs in same category in first page.


Yes. I switched to the 3 packages for my gig. Also added some new pictures and made a new video. The other one was 3 years old. I thought some new pics and video could help to leave the gig on the top search results.



Yes. Customer support confirmed it. Maybe they have changed it, but for years it was one gig per category.


In that case it might be a re-indexing bug. You should check if you can find your gig in the middle of nowhere in results. Sometimes gigs get stuck in there for a very long time after updating it, and only support seems to be able to fix it if reported. Though some support agents claim it’s not a bug without even investigating, so may need to send multiple tickets if that is the case.


I had a contact with the support. And they told me that everything is fine with my gig. On technical side everything looks fine, they told me. They said also that the search results depend on delivery time, rating, response time and so on. :-/
I know about that fact, of course. But they didn’t had an answer why it started after i edited my gig. :-/