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One Of My Gig Gone Hide

Hello all!,

I am writing to get your assistance with regard to manipulation GiG. I would like to notify you that unfortunately for about one week the manipulation gig in my profile is hidden. I’m afraid in the search bar when I type Graphic Designer I’m unable to find the keyword related to it only.

I have been waiting for it to reappear for more than a week and to my dismay still, I couldn’t fix it. Due to this issue, new clients are finding difficult to contact me.

Therefore, I would be grateful for you if you could let me know the reason for this problem and kindly please let me know when it would work as usual. It would be really helpful if you could give some suggestion to solve this issue at the earliest.


Everyone on the Fiverr Forum is a buyer or a seller. We can not assist you with your issue.

However, we do know that since there are only 48 gigs that can show per search result page, Fiverr rotates gigs, so more sellers have a chance to have their gigs be on a page that is in the earlier search result pages.

Also, you are in an extreamely competative category. There are 76,206 total logo gigs on Fiverr.

Therefore, you need to be patient for your gig to reappear again.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately i missed to attached the gig link. I didn’t mean about the logo gig.

This is the gig -

Can you please check and let me know please. I think its less competition comparing logo gigs

No it’s even bigger competition and you can also check it yourself when you type “manipulation of photos” In a search bar on fiverr and you’ll se amount of gigs for that category.

Anyway what @vickiespencer said is aplicable for any categories