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One of my order cross delivery timeline

I am a new freelancer. I took a order from a client. First I thought, I can solve the issue. But I could not. I try best, but I can’t solve it.
What should I do now?


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what’s your problem?


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First I thought It will be easy but it is not easy for me.
WordPress plugin issue. I can’t solve this.

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Refund the order to your client


If you can do it! Even late but do it. If you can’t you must refund

My opinion is: the satisfaction of the buyer first. If they want this work done even late do it!

He clearly said he can’t do it.

In my opinion, the best course of action would be to apologies to the client, perhaps even explain the issue you werent able to solve and refund/cancel the order. It may not feel great but atleast you gave it a go and you know where you need to impove or what you need to learn in order to complete this type of order going forwards.

Its not a mistake if you learn something!


I would suggest cancelling your order!

Sure but the title is an open statement.
He say it is not easy and “can’t solve”, maybe he can’t solve “in time”

Look at what he said in one of the replies.

Clearly he can’t do it, so a refund is the only option.


Yep! The only option as of now, since he can’t complete the order, would be to cancel it!


Well, if you can’t do it even with more time you must refund

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First of all extend delivery time.If It’s not possible then do it on reversion. Then u try to your best for the complete this job

There is a good news
I talk to my client. He gave me 2 days more. And I did it 1 day.
Thanks all of you for your good suggestion.

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