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One of my two gigs has not been visible for a few days, though it shows as active in my account


I spent an inordinate amount of time searching for my proofreading gig, under Writing and translation/Proofreading and editing, to no avail. It is nowhere to be found on the site, only my other gig is visible, about writing greeting cards. I am very disappointed by the fact that, as I try to use the interface in my account it also randomly deletes my profile description when I try to edit my gigs. This also happens with the text of the gigs themselves. Thank you for your help.


I managed to see it just now, when I searched for another keyword in my gig title. It appears that this problem is either an intermittent issue or gig is shown selectively under only certain keywords from the gig title. However, I am still unable to see it when scrolling for it in the pertaining category, and the symptom persists irrespective of the list view selection.


Finally, after having deleted the gig and rewriting and reactivating it, I have been able to see it for once. Short of this issue being a glitch, it appears that after some time elapses the website gig-listing algorithm will simply not display certain gigs anymore.


I am appreciative of any feedback and for your valuable time.


I’m unsure of Fiverr’s algorithms in the search feature, it probably changes every so often, sometimes I can’t find myself in the search.

However, if your Gig is deleting the description every time you edit it, please report this to Customer Support.


Reply to @kymmypops: Thank you very much for your feedback and help


Hi, Same is tha case with all of my gigs. I am not getting any impressions on any my gig from last 7 days. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

CS has been pain for me. They say they can’t do anything about it.


kymmypops said: However, if your Gig is deleting the description every time you edit it, please report this to Customer Support .

Do you know if this happens? Because I could've sworn that i've put certain information in my gig descriptions but then later on it's gone.... I wasn't sure if I had placed it, or if somehow it happened to be deleted.


I thank you all so much for the time you took to respond and for your valuable feedback. Hopefully, moderators and admins will have a chance to hear about such issues and implement changes soon.