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One of the BEST customer support experience in my online career!

Good Day,

Usually I write here with my bad experience and problems. But today I’m here with an excellent experience from fiverr custom support team.

I got an order from a buyer last month. I did his job as per agreement. But he wasn’t fully satisfied with my service. At last he agreed to pay 50% of the agreed amount. I created a custom offer for half payment and told him to confirm it first before cancellation of the first order. He told me his fiverr account is empty and requested me to cancel the running order and he will accept the offer with the refunded money. I trust him and cancelled order mutually. But he cancelled my offer after main order cancellation and told me he is not interested in paying anything for my work. I request him many time and he reject my requests. Then I contacted customer support with all my evidence and proofs. The support team justify my proofs and deposited 50% amount to my account. Really I’m thankful to the SUPER support team of fiverr community. I had a lot of issues in my last four years and the support team help me with each and everyone. Really I’m highly happy with these guys.

Thanks again.



Yeah, that’s awesome!

But be careful because buyers can pay you 50% and give negative feedback.

So be careful and if they aren’t happy ask them what you need to modify because if that happen often will be bad for you, too. (that’s only tip ;))

Also I think it’s time Fiverr to add one option for that when buyers want to pay only 50% of order when they aren’t happy or if that isn’t what they need.


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Yes, you are correct. Buyer might give me a bad feedback. Actually I showed him my samples before order confirmation. He checked and was happy before ordering. I think the buyer did this intentionally. Otherwise I trusted my buyers previously and they honored and kept my trust. But this guy changed his behavior after getting my delivery. So, it seems to me intentional.