One of the worst withdrawl system i have ever come across in life



First it took ages to approve the payment clearance(more than 15 days). And now after adding paypal it says
" Your PayPal account was updated.
For security reasons, you will not be able to withdraw for 24 hours"

I am not sure why such tough policy when everything is done with a click these days. Payment withdrawl is considered like a Russian secret deal which needs 24hrs security check.

I hope this time no bullish reply from MOD, i know you love your system, likewise i love the money which i earned :slight_smile:


Mods aren’t Fiverr employees, so I don’t know why you’re so angry at them? Also, maybe this would fit better in The Ranting Pot.


What do the Mods have to do with it? Jeez.


What’s wrong with waiting 24 hours to be able to withdraw your funds? They have to have some kind of security measures. Jeez.


Mods are also sellers just like you. Jeez.


misscrystal ya,nothing wrong…let them measure the security check…Cheers


First you complain about the clearing period now you complain about a simple security measure? I suppose if you would be one of the people here whose account was hacked and whose money was stolen, you would have a different appreciation for the extra step taken here.
Don’t waste your time complaining about something you can’t control. Happy Fiverring :cocktail:


I was not point a finger at MOD for the delay, i was referring to the kind of words used in an earlier post ( i was told you develop your own freelance system)


sorry don’t mistake, i am not angry, MOD’s earlier response was arrogant, so only


Very true, no point complaining :pray:


Actually, I am the mod who said you were welcome to develop your own site to freelance on. You still can. You can then withdraw any way you want as well. I don’t think that’s arrogant, it’s just the truth. Sorry you were offended, but I am just a seller too and I get to offer opinions while helping keep the forum straightened up. Have a lovely day.


Good to hear…sorry i am not offended…it was motivation to develop own site(which will be 500% better on all ways), opinions defers from person to person, i only made comparison and ease of withdrawls provided by other freelance systems, infact you got offended, coz its a fact 15days+ is unwanted delay(may you its Fiverr policy and we have to accept it).You too have a lovely day.


No, not offended, just offering suggestions. It’s clear that I haven’t called you any names in return. However, the waiting period of 14-17 days isn’t unwanted by everyone. It is unwanted by many. There are some reasons for the clearance time that actually make sense to me personally, so I am not one of those who is bothered by it. I am not going to explain the reasons because it seems like you aren’t that interested, so I’ll let you vent on and step away, unless you are rude to other people or break other forum rules. Thanks for the well wishes on my day, it has been a good one.


I don’t like the waiting period, but when I’ve started at many new jobs, I’ve had to wait 3+ weeks for my first paycheque, because I “wasn’t in the system for the first Friday payday yet”. Now, working at corporations is a scam! Always withholding all that income from you. No wonder we don’t get ahead…


Just be patient…


Look at the bright side-- no orders, no waiting period!


I agree with you, i too had to face similar situation and went thro back n forth mailing, but thats how the system works for first withdrawl, after that all seems well and good…